5 May

Easter Sunday
By: BRAMS | Published On: 5/05/24 8:14 am

BRAMS Institute staff is sending you our warmest wishes for a peaceful and blessed Easter Sunday!

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15 Apr

Sudan Civil War
By: BRAMS | Published On: 15/04/24 10:08 pm

Exactly a year ago, during Ramadan in 2023, two rival generals doomed their homeland to destruction.

The conflict broke out between two factions of the military government of Sudan, namely the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). In the past year, the conflict has claimed the lives of up to 15,000 people, while 33,000 have been injured. Over 8.6 million people are internally displaced and more than two million others have fled the country as refugees.

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13 Apr

Sydney tragedy
By: BRAMS | Published On: 13/04/24 11:33 pm

Six people lost their lives during a knife attack at Westfield Bondi Junction shopping centre.

Pikria Darchia, 55, originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, was among the people who died from their wounds. The Tbilisi State Art Academy graduate, Pikria was a local artist and designer who studied business administration at Sydney TAFE. She could speak English, Georgian, and Russian.


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10 Apr

Eid Mubarak
By: BRAMS | Published On: 10/04/24 11:47 am

BRAMS Institute wishes all Muslims a blessed Eid full of love and light!

May the blessings of this day be a source of happiness throughout the year.


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26 Mar

Making Georgian history
By: BRAMS | Published On: 26/03/24 11:51 pm

Georgia qualified for the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament after gracefully defeating Greece.

Unusually freezing wind hit both teams on the pitch when they entered the Dinamo Arena Tbilisi at 9 PM local time on Tuesday. The last game of the qualifier meant a lot for the both teams and their fans. The outcome remained unclear to the very last minute.


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