The modern world is facing many challenges, and to address them, BRAMS Institute conducts research, programs, and projects, providing effective solutions and insights. However, to continue fulfilling these tasks, financial support is crucial.

BRAMS Institute is a non-profit organization, and its general fund is the source of its activities. Generous donations are the main source of funding for its general fund. Therefore, donations are pivotal to securing BRAMS Institute's plans and continuing their efforts to bring qualitative changes to modern life.


Donate to BRAMS


If you wish to donate to the BRAMS Institute general fund, you can transfer sums in GEL, Euro, or USD using the following information:

          BEN's bank: JSC TBC Bank

          SWIFT: TBCBGE22

          BEN's Account: GE32TB7366036020100007

          Name of BEN: BRAMS Institute

          BEN's ID Code: 405372626

For further inquiries about the donation process, contact the administration at or


BRAMS Institute thanks everyone for their donation!