Our Mission


Our Mission BRAMS Institute. Credit to Maia Nadareishvili

BRAMS Institute's mission is to promote research in all aspects of British, American, and Georgian ways of life. The institute aims to increase the world's understanding of similarities between cultural, political, social, and intellectual aspects of different countries through a broader research approach. By studying valuable examples from the UK and the US, Institute experts can shape better policies and practices to make important political, social, economic, and cultural decisions for the future development of their own country and the world in general. Moreover, the Institute endeavours to provide exceptional information about Georgia in the English language to introduce the country to the world from a more realistic perspective, free of stereotypes and myths.

BRAMS Institute advocates for an interdisciplinary approach to International Studies by bringing together scholars in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and related fields. Their primary goal is to encourage greater understanding among the academic community both at home and abroad by facilitating contacts among all who take an interest in the UK and the US. These two countries influence or have the potential to influence the world in any political or cultural way.


Life in the time of COVID-19


COVID-19. Credit to Fernando Zhiminaicela

Despite the common belief that the Internet is a 'waste of time' or a 'place of limitless danger', it can be a powerful tool when used correctly. The way people use the Internet determines whether it is beneficial or not. With the right approach and purpose, the Internet can make a significant impact that is impossible through any other means.

When we launched the BRAMS Institute, we faced many questions regarding our decision to exist solely online. Other researchers often asked us why we chose to work mainly online and what we expected to achieve. We had solid reasons to justify our decision back then. However, with the onset of COVID-19, we began receiving requests from people who wanted to learn from our experience of working online.

The fact is that our team members have been adapting to online work since the late 1990s, even long before the establishment of BRAMS Institute. At that time, we had examples of pioneers who demonstrated the convenience of online work in the 21st century. Today it has become our modern lifestyle without questioning its benefits.


Hand disinfection. Credit to Klaus Hausmann

If you are looking for ways to utilize the Internet or social media to support a cause you believe in, you may come across a list of four effective methods. One of those methods was created by our team several years ago. We have also been involved in other prominent projects that have helped us achieve progressive goals. However, we do not publicize our involvement in these projects as we believe it is better to do good things without bragging about them. We do not mind staying in the background and letting our work speak for itself. In case of any interest, the trail can always lead to us.

We understand that this is a privilege, as it is challenging to prioritize doing good over making a living in our materialistic society. However, we choose to divide our time between our day jobs and activities that reflect who we are as individuals. Regardless of the project's size, we are always motivated by a good cause. We are proud of our past achievements, but we are eager to participate in new, significant projects that will have a greater impact on the world. This may sound ambitious, but our team was born to do this job. So, here we are.