Our Mission


Our Mission BRAMS Institute. Credit to Maia Nadareishvili

BRAMS’s mission is to promote research in all aspects of British, American, and Georgian ways of life. It seeks to enrich the world’s understanding of similarities between cultural, political, social, and intellectual aspects of different countries through wider than ever research angles. Studying valuable examples from the United Kingdom and the United States of America helps the Institute experts to shape a better policy and advance practice in order to make major political, social, economic, and cultural decisions for the future development of their own country, and the world, in general. On the other hand, the Institute aims to provide unordinary information about Georgia in the English language and thus, help to introduce the country to the world from completely different angles than what has been done until recently.

BRAMS Institute advocates an interdisciplinary approach to International Studies by bringing together scholars in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, related fields, etc. Our main goal is to encourage greater understanding amongst the academic community both at home and abroad by facilitating contacts amongst all who take an interest in the UK and the US, and the world these two countries influence or can influence in any political or cultural way.


Life in the time of COVID-19


COVID-19. Credit to Fernando Zhiminaicela

Despite the stereotypical understanding of the Internet, it is not always a 'waste of time' as occasionally referred to, but on the contrary. It just depends on a person and a goal of how this great tool of our times is used or misused. With the right concept and mission, one can make a significant difference only possible via the Internet.

When BRAMS Institute was launched our team frequently faced questions such as: Why do you do this? What do you expect from all your work? Why do you aim to exist online rather than in real life? and so on and on and on. We had solid arguments to back our answers back then. However, in less than two years COVID-19 shook the world controversially and instead of doubting questions, we started to receive requests to share our experience of online pursuit.

The fact is, our team members have been adjusting to online lifestyle and online work experience since the late 1990s, long before BRAMS Institute was established. Even at that starting stage, we have had useful examples of the forerunners (and soon enough, our own) that proved the convenience of online working in the 21st-century reality.


Hand disinfection. Credit to Klaus Hausmann

If you try to google for four ways you can use the Internet or social media to help others and support a cause you believe in, one out of those top four ways has been created by our team years ago. There have been many other similarly high-profile projects in which our people played a major part to achieve the progressive goals.

This website does not tell much about projects we have been involved in in the past as mostly we are not eligible to disclose the details. However, this is exactly the way a good thing should be done, without talking and boasting about it. So, we do not mind staying in the shadow of noted projects. What matters is to stay true to ourselves. We do understand this is a luxurious privilege and quite a risk in our materialistic modern environment. But we have made our choice to share our time between a day job that pays for our personal needs and activities that truly reflect who we are as individuals.

Whether small or monumental, a good cause is always a rock-solid motivation behind all our activities. We are genuinely proud of our past but look forward to far more important projects to take part in as we are willing to make a more useful impact on the world around us.