Meet Our Founder


Meet BRAMS Director. Credit to Maia Nadareishvili via Irakli Nadareishvili original photo

On 14 July 2018, Maia Nadareishvili founded the very first online Institute for academic research in Georgia. Over 20 years of progressive work experience in different fields has naturally pushed the scholar into interdisciplinary research.

She has published monographs and academic articles focusing on American studies along with European studies. The latest subject of her academic interest has been British studies, working on her next monograph partly in the United Kingdom.

She credits the skills she learned at Tbilisi State University, where she studied international journalism and law, and took courses in English studies and international relationships. In 2002 she was awarded a PhD in international journalism.

Along with the media studies, Maia Nadareishvili has been actively involved in the projects of American studies at Tbilisi State University since 2000, participating in the annual conference organised by the Institute for American Studies (IAS) and Georgian Association for American Studies (GAAS).

To fulfil her responsibilities and duties as the director of BRAMS Institute, she has embraced herself with a circle of friends and colleagues who are extremely talented people of different professions and backgrounds.

President of the Georgian Association for American Studies, Professor Vasil Kacharava commented on the launch of a new institute: “Almost every American university has a centre for American studies. America is the main political ally of Georgia and thus, our country needs to have American studies prioritized. Interest in the United States has a long history in Georgia. The Institute for American Studies at Tbilisi State University has gone through different levels while developing. First, a lab was founded, which turned into a centre; eventually, it grew into a department at the university, and finally, it became an institute. Naturally, the Georgian Association for American Studies welcomes the new Institute of British and American Studies in our community. Knowing Ms Nadareishvili’s American manner of work, we believe in the Institute’s quick and dynamic development”.

Professor Maia Nadareishvili said: “I am honoured to follow in noted Georgian scholars’ footsteps who have founded American Studies in Georgia. It has been a long way: almost half a century if we count the first attempts by Professor Gela Charkviani, the Founding Father of American Studies in Georgia, and precious 20 years of work if we count from launching the Center for American Studies at Tbilisi State University by Professor Vasil Kacharava. It is a privilege to join the British and American Studies tradition in Georgia as a founder of a new Institute, which has been on my bucket list for years but merely being a dream rather than a plan, until recently. Because of the successful forerunners, BRAMS Institute has a vital head start. Such an advantage allows me to choose the wider approach in research, embracing not only American studies but also British studies, including Commonwealth countries and former colonies of the United Kingdom and the United States. I look forward to working with local and international colleagues, and involving pupils and students, too, in the BRAMS projects”.