Contributions Education


The BRAMS Institute is committed to solid educational goals in addition to our primary research purposes. As part of this commitment, the branch of our think tank offers short and long-term educational courses across various disciplines. Our courses are based on American and British coursebooks, as well as original BRAMS publications. We offer courses in:

  • Foreign Language (English Language and Culture, Elementary Georgian, Georgian for Beginners, Georgian Language and Culture, Russian for Beginners, Russian Language and Culture, Elementary Italian, Italian for Beginners, Elementary Turkish)
  • Journalism and Mass Communication (Basics of Journalism, Gathering and Developing the News, History of the World Journalism, Multimedia Communication, The Modern Western Media, The Problematic Scope of Journalism, Theory of Publicistic Genres, Debates and Interviewing, Communication Theory, News Literacy for Digital Citizens, Citizen Journalism, Magazine Journalism, Creative Writing)
  • Political Communication (The Media and Political Image, The Print Media and the Image of Political Figures, The Media and the Authoritarian Regimes, Modern Political Communication, Memes and Viral Age, Politics and Public Relations, Moral Foundations of Politics)
  • Media Studies (Media Law and Deontology, Media Ethics, Ethical Decision-Making, The Composition of a Media Text, The Architectonics of a Journalistic Text, The Structure of a HyperText, Writing and Editing for Media, Content Strategy, Introduction to the Web Journalism, Transmedia Storytelling, Bloggers and the Blogosphere, The Internet Media, Media Management, MoJo, Creative Photography for Beginners)
  • Computer Science (Agile and Scrum, Python, The Structure of Information Networks, Networking and Wireless, Introduction to Database Systems, Privacy in the Digital Age, Introduction to Theory of Computing, Cybersecurity, Computer Security, Advanced System Security, Operating Systems, Application Development, Cloud Computing, Computer Architecture, Data Storage, Analytics and Data Management, IT Service Management, Project Management, Leadership and Management, Unified Communications, Computer Graphics and Vision, Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Educational Technology, Essential Digital Skills)
  • World Culture (Introduction to the Cultural Heritage, Culture of a Country of Your Choice, Introduction to Opera, Classical Composers, World Music, Masterpieces of World Literature, Film, Mythology, African Studies, Asian Studies, European Studies, Georgian Wine, Ancient Georgian Literature, General Course in Georgian Literature, Protocol and Etiquette, Crochet and Knitting, Introduction to Georgian Cuisine)
  • History (History of Cinematography, Historical Interpretation of Film and Images, History of a Country of Your Choice)

Please, fill out the online Registration Form if you are interested in any of the courses offered.