20 Jul

Apollo 11 mission
By: BRAMS | Published On: 20/07/19 5:11 am

On 20th July 1969 Neil Armstrong, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, and Michael Collins made a flying leap in world history. To commemorate this great date, NASA TV offers the world to watch live streaming directly from America's space program to YouTube and get the latest from their exploration of the universe.


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17 Jul

Obituary: Johnny Clegg
By: BRAMS | Published On: 17/07/19 8:41 pm

Legendary South African musician and activist Johnny Clegg, 66, died on 16th July, after losing his five-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Musicians, politicians, friends, and fans all over the world paid tributes to the White Zulu (Le Zoulou Blanc), expressing their admiration of him singlehandedly building bridges in a divided nation of South African Republic. President Cyril Ramaphosa talked about Juluka Johnny as 'an exceptional compatriot and icon of social cohesion and non-racialism... who was one of the early persons in the country to demonstrate the reality of... cultural integration'.


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12 Jul

Independent Kiribati
By: BRAMS | Published On: 12/07/19 6:03 am

The Gilbert Islands became independent from the British colonial rule as the Republic of Kiribati on 12th July 1979.

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4 Jul

The 243th
By: BRAMS | Published On: 4/07/19 1:13 am

The Americans honour Independence Day on the Fourth of July. It is a federal holiday, celebrated nationwide in the United States.

For the citizens, the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776 is a very special day, which represents the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.


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28 Jun

BRAMS Meeting
By: BRAMS | Published On: 28/06/19 4:12 pm

4th July 2019: Annual meeting of BRAMS Institute is held at 2 pm next Thursday.

The event intends to summarise the achievements of the Institute throughout the past twelve months, and commemorate the Independence Day of the United States of America.

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