BRAMS Institute Regulations


Regulations BRAMS Institute. Credit to Maia Nadareishvili



BRAMS Institute is governed through central bodies, principally the Institute Council chaired by the founder and director of BRAMS Institute, Dr Maia Nadareishvili, and the Editorial Board of academic journal BRAMS, chaired by Professor Jeremy J. Ramsden. All legislative issues are approved by the founding director, Maia Nadareishvili.

BRAMS Institute Council is the principal executive and policy-making body of the Institute, chaired by the founding director of the Institute who has overall responsibility for administration, defining the Institute’s mission, planning its work and managing its resources. The members of the Council deal with the relations between the Institute and other organisations or individuals. The Council is authorised to hold a meeting if it is attended by the founding director and at least one member of the Council.

Editorial Board of BRAMS Journal is the main governing body of the academic journal BRAMS, chaired by Professor Jeremy J. Ramsden who has been appointed by the founding director of the Institute. The number of the Board members can change from issue to issue. The founding director of BRAMS Institute is the Editor-in-Chief of BRAMS Journal who makes and amends the regulations that govern the journal as well as the Institute. She also appoints undefined number of external members whose principal duty is to control academic research policy of the Journal and to monitor the journal content. The Board is responsible for maintaining a high standard of research. The Journal has a number of elected copy editors who review all manuscripts and approve submissions for publishing.