Hello and Welcome to BRAMS Institute!


BRAMS Director Welcome. Credit to Maia Nadareishvili


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the honour of representing the first online Institute based in Tbilisi, Georgia, which works round the clock in any corner of the modern world wherever wi-fi does its job.

BRAMS Institute specialises in the British, American, and Kartvelian (Georgian) interdisciplinary studies. But this is a brief description of a layered scientific activity in which even the sky is no limit for the open-minded, creative and hard-working BRAMS teammates who are devoted to excellence in contemporary academic research as they assist in making a positive difference to modern societies.

We try to create some quality content that can spark your interest and keep you comping back for more of our intellectual product. Thank you for visiting our website!


Maia Nadareishvili

Founder and Director of BRAMS Institute