Criminology Conference 2021

The International Criminology Conference aims to promote interdisciplinary dialogue about topics related to criminology in its broadest context, including causes, consequences both on a micro and macro level, control and prevention.

The conference brings together academics, policymakers, NGOs, and business and social leaders from a variety of backgrounds, to discuss current criminology issues. The event is sponsored by the Policy Studies Organization, the International Journal on Criminology, and the American Public University.

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International Criminology Conference (2021-11-05). Credit


Topic: International Criminology Issues

Speakers: Alain Bauer, Duane Benton, Chuck Russo, Michael Pittaro, Stephanie Kragger, Tobias Smith, Talaya L. Tolefree, Sarah Davis, Esq., Chelsea N. Schmitz, Esq., Kara Beckman, Alyssa Benson, Ashley Melanson, Cynthia Prosek, Domingo Magliocca, Nicole Cain, Charles E. "Chuck" MacLean, Cid Goncalves Filho, Stanley Araújo Pena, Mahmut Cengiz, Terrance Coffie, Glenn Martin, Asha Smith, Kirk "Jae" James, Adrienne Adams, Rachel Weaver, Deane Tameshnie, Wendell C. Wallace, Keel County, Calvin Nobles, Darrell Burrell, Jessica Fleming, A. C. Chaves, Ashlie Bryant, John P. Sullivan, Nathan P. Jones, Heather R. Karambelas

Location: Online event through Zoom session

Date & Time: 5 November 2021, 5:00 PM – 6 November 2021, 1:00 AM (Tbilisi time)

More information on the agenda can be found HERE.


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