American and Georgian Aspects of Interdisciplinary Research

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American and Georgian aspects of interdisciplinary research

On 23 May 2023, Dr Chris Eskridge, who is a Professor of Criminology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and also serves as the President of the American Association of Criminology, conducted a workshop for BRAMS Institute while visiting Tbilisi, Georgia, to attend the International Scientific Conference in Criminology organised by the Georgian Association of Criminology Science (GACS).

During the workshop, Professor Eskridge shared his insights on the peculiarities of interdisciplinary research in the United States and highlighted the similarities and differences between American and Georgian research traditions. He also expressed his opinions and prospects to the Georgian scholars from BRAMS Institute.

Additionally, Professor Eskridge suggested future collaboration between BRAMS academic journal and the American Association of Criminology.

Due to the increased interest from both sides, a follow-up visit has been scheduled for May 2025.