8 Jun

Problems of Modern Scientific Research
By: BRAMS | Published On: 8/06/19 4:19 pm

At the beginning of June 2019, Professor Jeremy Ramsden has visited Georgia again. Despite his usual busy schedule, our British colleague and old friend generously offered to conduct another workshop for BRAMS Institute.

Professor Ramsden introduced several new concepts on scientific freedom issues, spurring participants to investigate it further on their own. To encourage the Georgian scholars and boost their motivation, the British researcher demonstrated the practice of actual methods, giving examples from his personal work experience as an advisory board member at the UN.

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14 Jul

Managing Strategies for Newly Established Organisations
By: BRAMS | Published On: 14/07/18 3:20 pm

The first official visitor and supporter to BRAMS Institute, Professor Jeremy J. Ramsden is our old friend and dear colleague from the University of Buckingham, England.

As an experienced professional in multiple fields, Professor Ramsden consulted the newly founded Institute, its director, and staff members on peculiar difficulties and important nuances they might face in the process. Also, he gave useful advice on founding an academic journal, providing personal editorial experience.

The workshop lasted for five days – between 12 and 16 July – and culminated in the BRAMS Institute founding party.


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