Microsoft License Management Course in August-November 2021

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Microsoft License Management

Free Online Course in Microsoft License Management 2021 that is delivered via a video stream by experienced Microsoft Licensing and Negotiation Experts starts on 4 August 2021.

The course consists of eight different parts, aiming to explain Microsoft Licensing and give the listeners the foundation, the playbook of Microsoft License Management. The course covers core licensing principles, common mistakes, contracts, renewals, negotiations, audits.

Each of the eight fortnightly live sessions will start at 2:00 PM London time and run for approximately 2-3 hours. 

Training will be broadcast to YouTube for free, publicly.

After attending all 8 sessions, the attendees will be able to pass an exam and earn a diploma and a digital badge to add to their LinkedIn profile.

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Course content:

► Microsoft Licensing basics. Microsoft Licensing models. How Microsoft Licensing works.

► Microsoft multi-year agreements explained: Enterprise Agreement, MPSA, MCA (CSP)

► Microsoft Cloud licensing: Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure

► Microsoft Desktop licensing (laptops etc.): on-premise, work from home, BYOL

► Microsoft Datacentre licensing (servers): on-premise, outsourced, Azure

► Microsoft tools for Development and Test (MSDN): licensing explained

► Microsoft Audit Readiness measures and Audit Defence: a survival guide

► Microsoft Negotiations: Vendor Management playbook