Spiritual Motivation Vol. 2: New thinking for a post-Covid world

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Spiritual Motivation Vol. 2

"Spiritual Motivation Vol. 2" is a collection of essays edited by Professor Jeremy J. Ramsden from the University of Buckingham, UK. BRAMS Institute will host the book presentation, attended by the editor, Professor Jeremy J. Ramsden, who will discuss the peculiarities of the collaborative research and sign the book for the lucky owners. "Spiritual Motivation Vol. 2" is available on Amazon.

"Vol. 2: New Thinking for a post-Covid World", published in 2022, has the same spirit as "Vol. 1: New Thinking for Business and Management", published in 2007, although it presents new authors with fresh themes.

"Spiritual Motivation Vol. 2" is divided into three parts, containing fifteen chapters:

  • Part I – Understanding, addresses fundamental issues such as the vital need for a biological perspective of the world, quantifying quality of life, the cost of climate change, and the growing dominance of financial institutions 
  1. Phylogenetic maladjustment, by Stephen Boyden
  2. The J-value, by Philip Thomas
  3. The cost of going ‘green’, by Graham Holt
  4. Tax havens, by Paul Beckett
  5. (In)equality, by Jeremy Ramsden (Ed.)
  • Part II – Management, addresses contemporary management issues and is a guide to greatly improving current practices
  1. Beyond command and control, John Seddon
  2. Upside down management, by John Timpson
  3. How to be a good communicator, Andrea Finnis
  4. Empathy, by Peter Bazalgette
  5. Problem solving, by Peter Wedderburn-Ogilvy
  • Part III – Religions, contains expositions of the most dominant religions of the world presented by leading practitioners.
  1. Buddhism, by Gary Gach
  2. Christianity, by Lorne Denny
  3. Islam, by Taj Hargey
  4. Judaism, by Jonathan Romain
  5. Hinduism, by Madhuri Sharon


Book: Spiritual Motivation Vol. 2: New Thinking for a post-Covid World

Editor: Jeremy J. Ramsden

Venue: BRAMS Institute, Conference Hall

Address: 43 Ana Politkovskaya Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Date: 5 June 2023

Time: 17:00