Olesya Tavadze's graphic series "My Robert Frost"

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My Robert Frost

CEZANNE Publishing founder, prolific Georgian journalist and editor Manana Kartozia presented Olesya Tavadze's graphic series "My Robert Frost" to BRAMS Institute during the Tbilisi Book Days 2023 in the 11th pavilion of ExpoGeorgia.

At the start of August 2017, Joseph Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla) hosted an exhibition inspired by Robert Lee Frost's poems. The Georgian artist Olesya Tavadze presented her drawings, trying to turn poetic views and images of the greatest American poet of the 20th century into artworks. Mrs Karen Pence, the Second Lady of the United States, who is a devoted lover of Frost's poetry, was the inspiration for said exhibition and one of the first visitors.

In 2018, the collaborative project of TBC Bank and CEZANNE Publishing, the album "My Robert Frost", was published. The publishing project received support from Nino Simonishvili, Head of the exhibition and scientific project "My Robert Frost"; Irine and Nino Koshoridze and their colleagues from the Georgian State Museum for Folk and Applied Arts; David and Bonnie Smiths from the United States; Professor Michael Vickers from University of Oxford; Lika Mamatsashvili and her colleagues from Joseph Grishashvili Museum of History of Georgia (Karvasla).

CEZANNE Publishing expresses genuine feelings that BRAMS Institute joins eagerly: "The present album is more than a mere catalogue of a single exhibition. It is rather a further symbolic expression of gratitude towards the great American poet."

The album leads into the Frost-Tavadze world through graphics such as The Sound of the Trees (p.19), Canis Major (p.25), The Silken Tent (p. 27), The Flower Boat (p. 28-29), Into My Own (p. 35), My November Guest (p. 49), For Once, Then, Something (p. 50), Come In (p.57), A Question (p. 59), The Road Not Taken (p. 63), The Bonfire (p. 69), Neither Out Far Nor In Deep (p. 70), The Bear (p. 74), Wind and Window Flower (p. 81), Fireflies in the Garden (p. 84), Acquainted With the Night (p. 90), To a Moth Seen In a Winter (p. 92), Acceptance (p. 95), To A Young Wretch (p. 107), Excepts From Robert Frost (p. 111), and Now Close the Windows (p.99).