BRAMS is an academic journal published by BRAMS Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia. The print (ISSN 2667-9299) and online (ISSN 2960-9348) versions are available. It is a peer-reviewed international research quarterly focused on subjects in International Studies. The journal encompasses academic articles in any discipline, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, formal sciences, and applied sciences, as long as the area of research embraces Interdisciplinary or Global Studies. The journal publishes applied and conceptual research. Therefore, an interdisciplinary approach is preferable.

When submitting an article, it is required to provide basic information about the author. Manuscripts should strictly follow the format and guidelines provided. The submission fee is not fixed and is decided based on the quality of each manuscript. If an article is accepted, the author(s) will receive an invoice before publication. Articles are submitted directly to the editorial office at bramsjournal@gmail.com, and authors are free to contact the office directly if they have any questions about the submission process.

All articles undergo a blind peer-review process by a member of the Editorial Board. Reviewers remain anonymous to the authors. If a manuscript is accepted, the invoice is sent to the author(s). After the publication fee is transferred, one of the subeditors proofread the text before publication.

The journal releases issues quarterly, with online versions published on the BRAMS Institute website. All articles are open-access and available to users in different countries through https://brams.ge. Therefore, we kindly remind you to provide proper citations whenever using any part of the journal.


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