Christmas Ball at the Dadiani Palace

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OS Christmas

BRAMS Institute wishes all Orthodox Christians a Merry Christmas, with hope for a peaceful and prosperous world.

On 6 January 2023, another Christmas Ball at the Dadiani Palace was broadcasted by IMEDI TV after the 19th-century Georgian tradition was restored last year.

Almost all the music used during the second ball was composed by Georgian composers such as Zachary Paliashvili, Vazha Azarashvili, Bidzina Kvernadze, Revaz Lagidze, Giya KancheliAlexi Machavariani, David Toradze, Nika Nikvashvili, Inolla Gurgulia, Lili Shaverzashvili, and Sandro Chirinashvili.

"Niko-Polka" (40:07) by noted Austrian composer Johann Strauss Jr was the only exception, due to the Dadiani Palace tradition. 'The Waltz King' dedicated his Op. 228 to young Georgian Prince Nikolaus 'Niko' Dadiani, the elder son of Queen Catherine Dadiani of Samegrelo, West Georgia.

The Megrelian falk song "Vagiorqo ma" (54:44) carried a special meaning when performed in the capital city of Samegrelo and naturally gained the appreciation of the Georgian audience.

Professor of History George Kalandia wrote the scenario of the Christmas Ball. Nika Nikvashvili conducted the symphonic orchestra. The talented young Georgian choreographers Oto Poladashvili and Julianna Bar-Gnari staged the performance of the Georgian dancers. The traditional Georgian dance (17:52) was performed by Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet, staged by its art director Iliko Sukhishvili.

The Christmas Ball at the Dadiani Palace was supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Youth. Minister of Culture Thea Tsulukiani and her young daughter took part in the Ball personally, wishing everyone Merry Christmas.


Georgian Christmas Ball (IMEDI TV)