The last Mohican of the Legendary Georgian composers' generation gone

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Obituary: Vazha Azarashvili

The noted Georgian composer Vazha Azarashvili, 87, passed away, the Creative Union of Georgian Composers announced.

Born in a family of musicians, he graduated from the Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatory in 1961, where he studied under Professor Iona Tuskia, Head of Tbilisi State Conservatory, and Professor Andria Balanchivadze, prominent musicians themselves.

Vazha Azarashvili is much loved by his fellow Georgians because of his dedication to Georgia and the national musical traditions, also for his numerous songs (Dinamo Tbilisi Anthem, Guria Lanchkhuti Anthem, "The Little Girl", "The Sun Is My Friend", "Tbilisian Girls", "Song Is All My Assets", "Victory to You, Georgia") and pieces ("Sentimental Tango", "On the Dance Floor", "Nocturne", "The Song Without Words", "It Rains Again", "Nostalgy", "Romance", Concerto for Cello and Orchestra) as well as movie scores (The Sun of Autumn OST,) he wrote.

Vazha Azarashvili also composed classical music such as six operettas, ballet "Khevisberi", musical comedy "The Shoemaker Gabo", concerts, quartets, etc. He published an autobiography "I Am Not Afraid To Look Back" (2010).


Sentimental Tango, by Vaja Azarashvili