The Grand Maestro of Georgian Journalism

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In Memory: Nodar Tabidze

Nodar Tabidze, professor of journalism, would become 90 today. He authored dozens of monographs and books and hundreds of articles and brought up every Georgian journalist during his 50-year teaching career at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He was a nephew of Galaktion Tabidze, "King of poetry".


Galaktion (L) and Nodar (R) Tabidze. Credit to Nodar Tabidze archive/BRAMS
Galaktion (L) and Nodar (R) Tabidze. Credit: Nodar Tabidze archive/BRAMS


There were many outstanding details in his life to mention. But the most unique about this extraordinary man was his talent to make any ordinary event into a celebration of life. As an educator, Nodar Tabidze was everything James Truslow Adams would have wished for in his 1931's book "The epic of America".


Nodar Tabidze. Credit to Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking/Qartuli Azri/Timer/BRAMS
Nodar Tabidze. Credit: Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking/Qartuli Azri/Timer/BRAMS


Professor Nodar Tabidze taught the students how to work and how to rest, how to be sad and how to have fun, how to make a toast and host a feast, how to be a friend and how to be a foe, how to love homeland and cherish the grass that made a path you walked on, how to live and appreciate every single breath taken.


Nodar Tabidze (1931-2016). Credit to Ertsulovneba/BRAMS.png


The elder generation of his former students has organised an event in his memory today, hosted by Joseph Chumburidze, one of the noted Georgian Journalists and editors of modern times.


Nodar Tabidze's 90th anniversary (by Tamar Tagvadze on Ertsulovneba)