State Flag Day of Georgia

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Georgian Flag Day

Happy State Flag Day of Georgia to our fellow citizens!

Based on the law legislated on 14 January 2004, the State Flag Day of Georgia was first celebrated in 2012. However, this is a historical flag of the Kingdom of Georgia that goes back to the 5th-6th century when Vakhtang I Gorgasali ruled in Kartli.

In various historical sources, the Georgian flag from the 12th century is mainly in white-red colours. The Georgian white flag with red crosses is included in the 14th-century World Atlas, compiled by an unspecified Franciscan monk. The same flag was depicted on the Italian and Spanish maps of the same era.

The government of Georgia decided to restore the historical flag in 1992. The Georgian Heraldry Association replaced the traditional direct crosses with the Bolnisi Crosses. On the state flag of Georgia, five red crosses on a white background represent Jesus Christ and the four Apostles.

The previous flag of Georgia, known as the flag of the First Republic of Georgia (1918-1921), was restored as a state symbol on 14 November 1990 after Georgia regained its independence.