Article submission to the academic journal BRAMS

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Call for Submission

BRAMS Institute has an open call for submission to its academic journal BRAMS.

Deadline is on 15 November 2018.

The international refereed and peer-reviewed journal BRAMS accepts scientific articles in any academic discipline (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, formal sciences, and applied sciences) presuming that the area of research embraces British, American, and Georgian (Kartvelian) Studies in a broad comprehension. Along with the UK and the USA, the topics may include study of the Americas, Commonwealth of Nations, British Overseas Territories, British crown dependencies, British Channel Islands, former territories of the British Empire, and countries with the most English-speaking population, Germany, Iceland, and Georgia (Sakartvelo). The interdisciplinary approach in researching any country from the list is highly appreciated.

The future authors are expected to provide their original paper in one of the following languages: Georgian or English while German can be accepted for native German-speaking scholars if they provide an English abstract with their manuscript.

For any further inquiries about the articles, please contact the office of the journal by email at All correspondence should be addressed to the editorial office.