Winemaking Conference 2021

The vine-growing and winemaking conference is conceptualised as a hybrid multilocation event, taking place at the Academia Belgica, the British School at Rome, and the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome. A three-day international conference brings together archaeologists and classicists worldwide to debate current developments in the field of Roman vine and wine studies.

Alongside the main section of the conference – with over 40 specialists updating our views on these matters in East and West over six territorial sessions – the symposium also includes keynote lectures by Jean-Pierre Brun, Andrew Wilson and Patrick McGovern, and a virtual poster session (with over 30 entries) for showcasing new and ongoing research by scholars in the field. The poster session can be accessed from Wednesday 27 October for the entire conference via the Virtual Poster Session website.


Winemaking Conference 2021. Credit to Eventbrite


In case of further questions, or for registration on live attendance in Rome, feel free to contact the organisers:

  • Dimitri Van Limbergen (Ghent) at
  • Emlyn Dodd (British School at Rome) at 
  • Maria Stella Busana (Padova) at 


Map of Italy - Winemaking Conference 2021. Credit to VWRW


Topic: Vine-growing and winemaking in the Roman world

Speakers: Over 40 specialists (including Jean-Pierre Brun, Andrew Wilson, and Patrick McGovern among others)

Location: Online event through Zoom session

Date & Time: 27 October 2021, 11:30 AM – 29 October 2021, 9:00 PM (Tbilisi time)