Flag of Mozambique


Country: Republic of Mozambique (Portuguese: República de Moçambique)

Georgian transcript: მოზამბიკი

Capital and largest city: Maputo (მაპუტუ) (known as Lourenço Marques (ლორენსუ-მარკიში) from 1876 to 1976)

Continent: Africa

Official languages: Portuguese

Recognised national languages: Swahili, Mwani, Chewa, Tsonga

Religion: Christianity (57.6%), Islam (18.3%), No Religion (13.4%), Traditional Faiths (9.6%)

Government: Unitary dominant-party semi-presidential constitutional republic

Independence: 25 June 1975 (Portugal)

Member of the Commonwealth of Nations: 1995

Population: 32 234 851 (2021)

Demonym: Mozambican

Currency: Metical (MZN) (pluralMeticais) (1 metical = 100 centavos)

Driving side: left

Time zone: UTC +2 (CAT)

Calling code: +258

Internet TLD: .mz

Website: Myanmar National Portal

Neighbouring countries: Eswatini, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe


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