Mexico flag waving


Country: United Mexican States (SpanishEstados Unidos Mexicanos)

Georgian transcript: მექსიკა (მექსიკის შეერთებული შტატები)

Capital and largest city: Mexico City (მეხიკო)

Continent: North America

Official language: None (at the federal level)

National language: Spanish (de facto)

Recognised regional languages: 68 Amerindian languages

Religion: Roman Catholic Christianity (83%), Protestantism (7%)

Motto: La Patria Es Primero (in SpanishThe homeland is first)

Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic

Independence: 16 September 1810 (from Spain)

Population: 130 353 141 (2021)

Demonym: Mexican

Currency: Peso (MXN) (პესო)

Driving side: right

Time zone: UTC -8:00 to -5:00

Calling code: +52

Internet TLD: .mx

Website: Gobierno de México

Neighbouring countries: Belize, Guatemala, The United States (Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas)


Mexico world map