Marshall Islands



Marshall Islands flag waving


Country: Republic of the Marshall Islands (MarshalleseAolepãn Aorõkin Majel)

Georgian transcript: მარშალის კუნძულები

Capital and largest city: Majuro (მაჯურო)

Continent: Oceania

Official languages: Marshallese, English

Religion: Christianity (97%)

Motto: Jepilpilin ke ejukaan (in MarshalleseAccomplishment through joint effort)

Government: Unitary parliamentary republic

Independence: 1979 (from the US)

Population: 59 610 (2021)

Demonym: Marshallese

Currency: United States dollar (USD)

Driving side: right

Time zone: UTC +12:00 (MHT)

Date format: mm/dd/yyyy

Calling code: +692

Internet TLD: .mh

Website: Government of Marshall Islands

Neighbouring country: None


Marshall Islands world map