The Gambia



Gambia flag waving


Country: Republic of The Gambia

Georgian transcript: გამბია

Capital: Banjul (ბანჯული, ყოფილი, ბათერსტი)

Largest city: Serekunda (სერეკუნდა „სერეს ოჯახის სახლი“)

Continent: Africa

Official language: English

National languages: Mandinka, Fula, Wolof, Serer, Jola

Religion: Islam (95.8%), Christianity (4.1%)

Motto: Progress, Peace, Prosperity

Government: Unitary presidential republic

Independence: 18 February 1965 (from the UK)

Member of the Commonwealth of Nations: 1965 (left in 2013; rejoined 2018)

Population: 2 491 745 (2021)

Demonym: Gambian

Currency: Dalasi (GMD)

Driving side: right

Time zone: UTC (GMT)

Calling code: +220

Internet TLD: .gm

Website: Government of Gambia; Ministry of Health, The Gambia

Neighbouring country: Senegal


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