Canada flag waving


Country: Canada

Georgian transcript: კანადა

Capital: Ottawa (ოტავა)

Largest city: Toronto (ტორონტო)

Continent: North America

Official languages: English, French

Religion: Christianity (67.3%), Islam (3.2%), Hinduism (1.5%), Sikh (1.4%)

Motto: A Mari Usque Ad Mare (Latin: From sea to sea)

Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Independence: 1 July 1867 (from Britain)

Member of the Commonwealth of Nations: 1931

Population: 38 090 328 (2021)

Demonym: Canadian

Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)

Driving side: right

Time zone: UTC -3:30 to -8:00

Date format: yyyy/mm/dd

Calling code: +1

Internet TLD: .ca

Website: Government of Canada

Neighbouring countries: The United States


Canada world map