Cameroon flag waving


Country: Republic of Cameroon (Fula: Renndaandi Kamerun)

Georgian transcript: კამერუნი (პორტ. Rio dos Camarões „კრევეტების მდინარე“)

Capital and largest city: Yaoundé (იაუნდე)

Largest city: Douala (დუალა)

Continent: Africa

Official languages: English, French

Recognised regional languages: Cameroonian Pidgin English, Fula, Ewondo, Camfranglais

Religion: Christianity (70.7%), Islam (24.4%), Traditional faiths (2.2%)

Motto: Paix – Travail – Patrie (French: Peace – Work – Fatherland)

Government: Unitary dominant-party semi-presidential constitutional republic

Independence: 1 January 1960 (French Cameroun)

Independence: 1 October 1961 (British Cameroon)

Member of the Commonwealth of Nations: 1995

Population: 27 270 690 (2021)

Demonym: Cameroonian

Currency: Central African CFA franc (XAF)

Driving side: right

Time zone: UTC +1:00 (WAT)

Calling code: +237

Internet TLD: .cm

Website: Republic of Cameroon (Prime Minister's Office)

Neighbouring countries: Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Cabon, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo


Cameroon world map