Independence Day of Georgia 2021

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Independence Day

26 May has been one of the most important dates in the history of Georgia since 1918.

It marks the foundation of the first Democratic Republic of Georgia, which was annexed by the Russian Red Army in 1921. Despite the shot-lived independence and the attempts of the Soviet government that ruled the country for the next 70 years, to hunt down and erase anything Georgian and patriotic, the memory of 26 May never faded in the hearts of the local people and part of them kept celebrating the day secretly until better times.


Act of Independence of Georgia 1918, and Act of Restoration of State Independence of Georgia on 9 April 1991. Credit to NPLG/BRAMS
Act of Independence of Georgia 1918, and Act of Restoration of State Independence of Georgia 1991. Credit: NPLG/BRAMS


Since regaining its independence in 1991, Georgia has officially established the national holiday on 26 May and annually celebrates the adoption of the Act of Independence. Various events commemorate the rich history and unique Georgian culture during the day. There are military parades, political speeches, official ceremonies, concerts, and fairs throughout the day. Many people drive around in their cars or walk in the streets while carrying the 5-cross flags.


Georgia Independence Day 2018. Credit to Reginfo


Later in the evening, the plummy blue sky is usually lit with fireworks above the beautiful capital city of Tbilisi. Georgia is one of those rare countries that can proudly look back through centuries and see a brave and endless fight of generations for its freedom and independence from various empires that have long gone and lost in the past. Whether it was a respected kingdom, a young republic, or a small country "in the middle of nowhere", Georgia managed to survive all invasions and even brought some significant benefits to the world heritage.


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